Case Studies

Our services can be adapted to many types of industries. Here you can read some of the projects we have developed to see how our team used artificial intelligence to help our customers obtain better results.

Optimizing logistics for Seat

The ability of businesses to meet customers’ expectations and deliver the products punctually is one of the most important things in the buyers’ experience.

Optimizing fuel consumption of a thermosolar plant

In past years, combined cycle power plants have been more used since it has been an increase in their performance concerning the conventional plants.

Predictors of mortality following amputation in type 2 diabetic patients

Outcome prediction is essential in the clinical decision-making process. By analyzing risk factors, you can predict the outcome of a determined event, such as in-hospital mortality after a medical operation.

Preventing churn in the telecommunications industry

A customer churn occurs when customers or subscribers stop doing business with a company or service. In the case of the telecom sector, it usually occurs when a customer leaves that company to start a new agreement with another competing company.

Increasing sales of telemarketing campaigns in a bank

Telemarketing is an interactive direct marketing technique via the phone that banks widely use to sell their products or services.

Automation of HS codes assignment for a food and beverage company

An increasing number of businesses are choosing to automate their manual processes. This allows them to streamline their workflows, become more productive, cut costs and reduce human error.

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